Is spending money on a Search Firm a good move?

There are three reasons to retain a search firm:

Their network, their process & expertise and the time.

There has been a high demand for top quality Agricultural Professionals in Canada for at least a decade.  Most good quality Ag people are already settled in satisfactory jobs that fit their needs. As a result, they are not spending their spare time looking for work.  In other words, they are not reading your job postings!

A well connected Executive Search consultant will contact high potential candidates directly, one-on-one, and promote the career opportunity you are offering. This may be the only way to catch their attention.

A qualified search firm will have: 1) a vast contact network to leverage, 2) a proven process to source and assess quality candidates, and 3) the time to dedicate to your talent search.

1) The Network: Don't pay a search firm to do a LinkedIn keyword search!  You can do that yourself.   But, once you've exhausted your agriculture contact network, you may need to extend your reach.  An established Agriculture Executive Search Firm that specializes in your industry will have an extensive contact network to draw upon.  They know people that might otherwise never cross your path. They know how to leverage their current network of agriculture contacts for referrals to people who fit your needs. 

2) The Process & Expertise:  Experienced Executive Search Consultants have a proven process for sourcing high quality candidates, and screening out low quality applicants. It's what they do. They know how to promote your position, how to ask for a referral, and how to approach potential candidates.  They know the warnings signs of low quality applicants.  They have experience identifying, assessing, educating, selling, negotiating, and managing candidates for best results. They offer a very focused specialized expertise that compliments your Human Resources Department.

3) The Time:  An Executive Search Firm will focus on the business of finding you the best possible candidates to interview, while you stay focused on your day to day ag-business. A thorough recruitment process is extremely time consuming,(much more so than most managers realize). 

Most busy Agri-Business Managers don't have time to do a high quality job of:

  • ​writing job postings, 
  • calling their agriculture contacts, 
  • "courting" candidates, 
  • reading resumes & shredding resumes,
  • phone screening applicants, 
  • booking meetings,
  • performing Behaviour Descriptive Interviews, 
  • assessing agriculture applicants, 
  • comparing and contrasting strengths, weaknesses & fit, 
  • reference checking, and, 
  • following up with the successful and unsuccessful applicants. 




If you didn't get great results from your job posting, and
you don't know who else to call, or
​you can't spare the time to do a thorough search, or
​you need a top quality person but your best applicant so far is only "OK"; 

then ​call Steve Peddie to discuss if 

Ag Network might be a good next step. 

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